Biosecurity in Your Barn Re-Cap

On the evening of Tuesday, Feb. 23rd, Dr. Delaney Patterson, assisted by Dr. Evi Bolton, both from SRH Veterinary gave a presentation on “Biosecurity in Your Barn”.  We had both WNRDC members and non-members learning what we can do to keep our horses safe from biological threats such as diseases.  We also learned how to safely integrate a new horse into your barn, whether it be at home or at a boarding facility. Suggestions ranged from something simple, such as cleaning the new horses stall last and utilizing separate brushes to how to decontaminate stalls and how to properly remove rubber gloves.

Did you know your phone is a fomite? It is! Just bringing out your phone to call the vet or take a picture of a wound can spread contamination.  (A fomite is defined as a source of contamination.)

CLICK HERE for the full slide show from this informative, educational talk.

WNRDC has other educational opportunities and presentations planned for later this spring.  We’re working on some educational jumping videos by Board Member, Mike Robbins as well as some fun, safe outings for everyone!  Stay tuned!

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