RIDING TO YOUR FULL POTENTIAL TALK with sports psychologist Dr. Alan Goldberg

Saturday  5/6/2017 10AM-1PM

32 Bailey’s Lane in West Newbury

$35 for members and $60 for non-members

WNRDC is hosting a talk/motivational clinic with sports psychologist Dr. Alan Goldberg. Dr. G does not just address concerns of competitive riders but all riders.

Dr Goldberg will talk about this subject and will lead us in various exercises utilizing a mind-body based way of working. Participants should bring either a yoga mat or towel for these practical exercises. Also, remember to wear comfortable clothing.

This talk/clinic will be on Saturday May 6 from 10-1. Member and organizer for this event, Anne Donelan will graciously host us at her home, 32 Bailey’s Lane in West Newbury. There will be light refreshments served. This event will be limited to a minimum of 12 people with a maximum of 20, so please sign up soon.  To sign up go to our on-line form or please email Anne at atdonelan@me.com (Please include your name and your email contact information.)


Part of the cost for this clinic is kindly being supported by the club and a donor, thus the cost is reduced to $35 for members and $60 for non-members. To confirm your spot in this clinic, make sure to send your check to Anne at the above address or enter on-online.


Many riders struggle with incapacitating fears. The fears may prevent the equestrian from riding a particular horse, jumping a certain height or performing to her potential. Fears within this sport are exceptionally common and are integrally related to the very nature of the sport.

 As an equestrian, you are riding atop a rather large animal, who at times can be easily spooked and respond unpredictably. Furthermore, the learning process is fraught with falls, scary close calls and even injuries. Unlike other sports, your performance in this sport is a unique team effort where your teammate can sometimes turn against you. The end result of this is that every rider accumulates any number of upsetting and/or scary experiences as they mature in the sport. 

 Learn techniques to connect your mind and your body to get in the zone! In this clinic you'll learn common and very human mental mistakes and how to avoid them, overcome fear, use your focus, deal with setbacks, improve your confidence, stay calm under pressure, and ride in the moment."

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