Cross Country Schooling

When the footing is good between late June and October, the Pipestave Hill XC course is open for schooling (except immediately prior to PHHT). Please consider donating or becoming a member to assist with maintenance and upkeep of the course.


Dressage evolved from the French verb dresseur meaning to train. In a dressage test, horse and rider are judged on how well they can perform a series of prescribed movements. Our Pipestave Hill Horse Trial competitions offer the rider “dressage only” test opportunities, Intro through Training Level, as well as Eventing tests.


Many of our members drive for pleasure and show. The Town of West Newbury and surrounding towns have many paths, side roads, and parks suitable for driving.

Eventing (Cross Country Jumping, Dressage, Show Jumping)

Eventing originated from military function and showcases a horse’s athleticism and partnership with the rider through the grace and elegance of dressage, the precision of stadium jumping, and endurance of cross country jumping into one exciting competition at Pipestave Hill Horse Trials. Does your horse “look for the flags”?


These disciplines showcase the ability of horse and rider to navigate a course of stadium fences with elegant form and while keeping all the rails up. Now offered to area hunter/jumpers…WNRDC Jumper Series

Western Dressage

Western Dressage combines the principles of dressage riding and the use of western tack and gaits. Riders typically wear western attire, such as button-up shirts, cowboy boots and jeans. Our Pipestave Hill Horse Trial competitions offer WDAA (Western Dressage Association of America) tests.