Looking towards 2021…

As with so much this year, we are sincerely sorry that we were not able to publish our local Equine Event Calendar for 2020. This calendar lists local equine events through a link on our website. However, due to concerns and restrictions placed on equine events by the novel coronavirus, it did not make sense to publish one this year as our timeframe to create it coincided with the onset of quarantine in our area.

We will be back!  Equine Event Calendar organizers Donna and Kathy will reach out to event organizers early in 2021 and hope to publish next year. Meanwhile, if you have a local event to publicize, please reach out through our FB page as we are happy to provide support for our local equine events in this manner.

WNRDC plans to hold our already scheduled Adventure Trail on Sunday Sept 13. This is our annual fundraiser for trail support through ECTA. We will need extra help to run this event this year, please consider volunteering. To volunteer, please reach out to Michele Doucette at [email protected].  We will be following COVID protocols.  Additionally, we look forward to holding  our 3-phase horse trials on Sunday October 11.

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