About WNRDC Events & Clinics

The WNRDC membership is multi-disciplined. We strive to provide educational clinics and discussions that span all interests. Funds raised by our events are used for upkeep and improvement of the Pipestave Hill Equestrian Recreation Area, Trails and Mill Pond Area, and to donate to area non-profits and other organizations important to the equestrian community. We also award an annual scholarship and fund educational clinics.

Our 4 Equestrian Events

  • Summer Pipestave Hill Horse Trials
  • Fall Pipestave Hill Horse Trials
  • Derby Cross (no plans for this year)
  • Adventure Trail Day

These events and membership dues are the only source of income for our Club. An equestrian facility like this on town-owned land is unique to this area and we work very hard to maintain it. Labor is volunteered when possible but available time is always at a premium, especially because of other commitments of our key members. Labor, materials and heavy equipment when needed are costly. A case in point is the addition of new footing in June 2016 and the construction of new jumps every year. We work continuously to improve the course and keep the footing conditions at their best. It is the WNRDC members who mow the paths and clear the trails. Our volunteers are there to do the unexpected such as when trees fall closing trails as they did this summer.

We also have a specific trails fund for those trail projects that are beyond our volunteer scope. An example of this is the new bridge over wetlands that was built in the fall of 2012 on the Ocean Meadow trail. Our library donation plan has brought many of the latest equestrian books and videos to our local library.

If our funds allow, substantial donations are made each year to worthy causes. We have donated to organizations such as the West Newbury Fire Company, the West Newbury Police Association, the West Newbury Emergency Management Agency, the MSPCA at Nevins Farm, the GAR Memorial Library, Windrush Farm, T.H.E. Farm, the Juvenile Diabetes Fund, the Jeanne Geiger Women’s Crisis Center, Essex County Trails Association (ECTA), Essex County Greenbelt Association (ECGA), and New England Equine Rescue North (NEER North).