PHHT Entries

Please see “Explanation of our Division” for current dressage tests.

Name Horse 3 Phase 2 Phase Dressage only Dressage only test(s) of choice Western Dressage Notes
Ava Siciliano Chester Copperpot Pre-elementary (18” and crossrails) ($110.00) None
Elizabeth Marsh Milo Elementary* 3PH (2′) ($110) None
MaryJane Barrington Stilton Bleu Advanced Elementary* 3PH (2’3″) ($110) None
Elura Fink Felix Advanced Elementary* 3PH (2’3″) ($110) None
Serafina Park Cogsworth Advanced Elementary* 3PH (2’3″) ($110) None
Janette Douglass Made You Look Beginner Novice* 3PH (2’7″) ($110) None
Katherine Marsh Milo Advanced Elementary* 3PH (2’3″) ($110) None
Katherine Bublik Double Quick Elementary* 3PH (2′) ($110) None
Anna Sofia Kennedy Rory Pre-Elementary Combined Test (18″ x-rails) ($80.00) None
Elise Kimball Let’s Do This Pre-elementary (18” and crossrails) ($110.00) None
Chloe Iosua Mr.Bigshot Advanced Elementary* 3PH (2’3″) ($110) None
Rebecca Miller Penelope Pre-elementary (18” and crossrails) ($110.00) None
Cynthia Mallett Diamond Elementary* 3PH (2′) ($110) None
Lily Bohlin Memory Lane (Maple) Pre-Elementary Combined Test (18″ x-rails) ($80.00)

Dressage Only Test of Choice (please list tests)

Jasmina Kurtovic May We Play Advanced Elementary* 3PH (2’3″) ($110) None
Callie LaMarche PJ Pre-Elementary Combined Test (18″ x-rails) ($80.00) None
Elliana Meuse McGee Pre-Elementary Combined Test (18″ x-rails) ($80.00) None
Sophia Glavine Wellfleet Aristocrat Elementary* 3PH (2′) ($110) None
Taylor Weber Farnley Maze Pre-elementary (18” and crossrails) ($110.00) None
Stefanie Neumann Ginger Crisp Advanced Elementary* 3PH (2’3″) ($110) None
Caroline Murphy Bodhacious Modified Novice (2’11” SJ, 2’7” XC) ($110) None