Rules & Policies

West Newbury Riding and Driving Club Policies & Rules


  • A horse competing at Pre-Elementary and/or Elementary may be ridden by a maximum of two Riders in a Horse Trials and/or Combined Tests.
  • Horses competing at Beginner Novice and above may only compete with one rider and are only to be entered once in the Horse Trials or Combined Test.
  • Horses competing at Beginner Novice and above may also compete in Dressage Only with the same or a different rider, maximum of two riders.


$5 discount if entry sent on opening day only (by postmark)

$20 late fee if entry sent after closing date (by postmark)


Scratches received prior to the closing date will be refunded.

Credit for a future event will be given for scratches after the closing date.

Neither refunds nor credits will be issued for scratches made within 48 hours of the event unless there is a waitlist.

Sorry, no exceptions.


Save at any WNRDC event by volunteering at any activity! You do not have to be a member to qualify.


If in the first fall of competitor, he/she lands on their feet and remains standing, the rider must get the approval of the Technical Delegate to remount and if so, may continue with a penalty of 65 points. This is similar to the rule that the USEA has instituted and we have decided to add the approval of the TD for remounting for safety reasons at this level.


  • All riders must wear ASTM approved helmets while riding. This means a helmet with a safety harness.
  • Riders are now required to wear a body protecting vest when schooling for and riding the cross-country phase. It is optional to wear it during the stadium phase of the event.
  • Airbag vests may be worn over a safety vest if desired but are not intended to be worn alone.
  • A completed identification armband is now required to be worn when jumping at the events. USEA sells armbands for $10 or you can make your own by completing an identification form, putting it in a plastic bag and securing it to your arm with tape. Armbands are to be worn around the upper part of the arm and must be on top of any articles of clothing. Armbands must be worn for both Cross Country and Stadium Jumping phases. The Identification Form can be downloaded here using Adobe Acrobat. Click here then print the form.


Whips not exceeding 43″ including lash may now be used for the dressage phase and crops may be used for the cross-country and/or stadium phases. Please read “How to Avoid Elimination at our Horse Trials” for more information on the correct use.