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Who are the Candidates?

The Candidates

Vice President Candidates:

Amy Bresky is nominated to fill the VP slot so her Board seat will be vacated.

  • Amy Bresky

“I have been a proud and active member of the West Newbury Riding and Driving Club since its rebirth in the 80’s and have loved being part of its growth and change each year. I served as the co-chair with Mary Lee Mahoney for many years until she moved, and have since served as President, Treasurer and Board member over the years. I live in NC in the winter and split my time between West Newbury and VT in the summer. I appreciate that thanks to modern technology, I am able to assist the Club via e-mail/the internet and work from my computer wherever I am, in addition to the good old telephone. I have been involved in every aspect of the Club from the horse trials to mowing to land preservation and more, and would be honored to help continue the Club’s efforts to keep West Newbury horse-friendly.”

Board Member Candidates:

Four Board positions are up for election. Amy Bresky is nominated to fill the VP slot so her Board seat will be vacated. Peter Clark is running for Board re-election. Allison Aamodt was appointed to fill Denise Atherton’s seat when she retired early. Allison has been nominated to continue to hold that seat. These two situations create two more open Director seats. Shipley Allison and Carol Ganz have offered their nominations for those positions. Members of the Board are grateful to these nominees who are willing to help in giving leadership and direction to the WNRDC and to support the stipulations to maintain our non-profit designation.

  • Allison Aamodt

“My family (husband, Chad, and 9-year-old daughter, Lili) and I moved to West Newbury in June of 2015. West Newbury’s commitment to multi-use open space was a key factor in choosing where to move when we decided to search for a small horse-friendly property. In December 2015, we adopted Sadeeka, a 6-year-old pinto-mix mare, from the NHSPCA. In May, we brought her home along with Boo, a 20-year-old Hackney pony that we foster from NEER North. Lili and I had begun volunteering weekly at NEER North in 2014, and we continue to volunteer for NN fundraising events. I was honored when I was asked to fill a vacant seat on the WNRDC BOD. I volunteered at the 2016 Pipestave events, and in the process learned a ton about eventing. Also, I was very happy to volunteer this past September at our annual Adventure Trail Ride fundraiser for the Essex County Trail Association. Helping to preserve, and hopefully expand, the open spaces of West Newbury and other area towns is a cause near and dear to me. It’s getting more and more difficult for horse people to maintain rights to use our diminishing open spaces and clubs like ours are integral to that cause.​”

  • Shipley Allinson

“I first became aware of WNRDC when I purchased my Holsteiner mare, Liesel, and we wanted to participate in 3 phase events. When we moved to Groveland, Pipestave became our go to place for my horse and often for my Jack Russell Terrier, Weezie. In April 2015, I acquired a rescue Shetland/mini mare to be companion to Liesel. Unbeknownst to me she was pregnant and Jan. 4, 2016 her foal was born. He says, “I am Gabriel that stands in the Presence of God.” I have begun to train Elsie to saddle and hope to do the same with Gabriel, or to train them both to drive. I love that this beautiful land is preserve, loved and made use of my so many. I have happily volunteered in several areas and hope to further the cause by serving on the Board.”

  • Peter Clark

“It is my pleasure to run for another term on the Board of Directors for the WNRDC. I do believe the Club serves a noble purpose and that it is important that the voice of the equestrian community continues to be heard. I have been actively involved in the maintenance of the rings at Pipestave for several years now and overlooked the improvements to the track in Ring 1 earlier this year. I also helped spearhead an update of the Club’s website that continues to be a work in progress. I will continue to endeavor to make improvements when necessary and welcome the suggestions from the membership. Finally, while I think it’s important to preserve some of the long-standing traditions and events of the Club, I also believe that we need to be open to change to attract new members and to keep the interest of those who give of their time and energy.”

  • Carol Ganz

“My name is Carol Ganz, and I’m relatively new to West Newbury. I was a horse crazy girl with no opportunity to spend time with actual horses, so I was thrilled to move to a farm in Wenham with my husband and daughter. When she began riding, I did too, getting my first horse when I was 41 and my younger daughter was 1. I am primarily an English rider and enjoy hunting with the Myopia hounds and did some lower level eventing. The Pipestave event is where both my kids and I began. I also am lucky enough to have access to a beautiful ranch in southern Colorado where I have the opportunity to do high country western trail riding, western equitation and some cattle cutting work. Basically, I feel that any day I spend with horses is better than any day without them. I’m happy to be living in West Newbury now and riding the outstanding trail system we have here. I welcome the chance to contribute in some way.”

Click here if unable to make the meeting to download a mail in ballot

All members in good standing, which are those who have paid their annual dues for 2016, are invited to vote at the AGM. If you are not able to attend, you may mail in your ballot.

WNRDC Mail In Ballot mail to: WNRDC Election c/o Kathy Feheery, 540 Main St, West Newbury, MA 01985

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