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2017 WNRDC Annual Meeting and Elections

WNRDC Annual Meeting and Elections will be held Friday, November 10th at the home of Kathy and Rick Feehery’s home at 540 Main Street., W. Newbury, MA at 6:30 PM.

Socializing, elections, planning for next year, Volunteer Awards (Volunteer of Year, Lifetime Achievement, and Fall Raffle) will be announced. Light appetizers and desserts will be provided by members of our Board and beer, wine and soda is provided by the Club.

This will be the final meeting run by our long term president, Kathy Feehery as we rearrange the board positions and rearrange our bylaws to help our club keep being a vital part of our West Newbury equine community. Shipley Allinson has been serving as a co-President to make this transition. Kathy will stay on the board, moving to Treasurer. Please see the information on the election contained in this email. Carole Ganz (moving to VP) will be posting ballots, biographies and other details in about a week.

Elections for board members, officers, donations, and bylaw revisions will be conducted at the annual general meeting on November 10, 2017. The official ballot and election information will be posted on the website by October 27, 2017.

If you wish to propose a candidate for any position, you need to submit this by October 25 for inclusion. Please submit proposed candidates to caroleiganz@gmail.com. November 10th will be the final meeting run by our long term president, Kathy Feehery. This year we are electing all 4 officers and 3 of 4 board members to either 1- or 2-year terms, due to amendments to the bylaws which will mandate 2-year terms for each officer or director, and we are staggering terms so every office is not up for election simultaneously. A proposed slate for these offices will be posted, along with a list of charitable organizations for potential funding, and the proposed bylaw amendments. Budget review During the business portion of the meeting, we will recap the club’s successful year and recap the budget with outgoing Treasurer, Heather Hull Colby. Members will also decide on the amount of the annual year-end donations. Spotlight on volunteers Thank you to all our volunteers, competitors and organizers for successful fall events. Allison Aamodt and Donna Disario successfully ran Adventure Trail this September. They did a survey of the participants and got feedback from approximately 30% of them and will use this to improve next year’s event. Adventure Trail is our fundraiser for supporting ECTA’s work on maintaining and improving trails in West Newbury. The Pipestave Hill Horse Trials had fewer participants than some years but the organizers of Team Pipestave: Melissa Maina, Margaret Potorski, Susan Beliveau, Molly Lister, Michele Doucette, Jessie Tonry, Kathy Feehery, Anne Donelan, Kay Joseph and Claude Maina all worked together to run a successful horse trial. This event is also a fundraiser, raising funds for our annual year end donations and other club activities. The efforts of all our volunteers is greatly appreciated, and we will be announcing the recipients of the club's volunteer awards. To further reward our volunteers, we're proposing an educational scholarship for our adult volunteers and would like your feedback at the meeting. Annual events Thank you to all our volunteers, competitors, and organizers for successful events throughout 2017! The club organized two educational talks, the semiannual Pipestave Horse Trials, and Adventure Trail. This year we began issuing post-event surveys to participants - the feedback will be used to improve next year’s events. Your ideas and Desires

We're always looking toward the future and we welcome your suggestions for winter and spring educational talks, clinics, and for general ideas which will help to maintain the club's role as a vital contributor within our West Newbury equine community. Share your suggestions at the annual meeting, or email them to boardofdirectors@wnrdc.com

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