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Workshop to Improve Nutrition, Fitness, Recovery for Ourselves

Join us for a fun, interactive, and informative workshop to learn practical skills for improving nutrition, fitness, and recovery for ourselves as riders and in our everyday lives With clinician Amber Toole Sanford, founder and owner of The Training Toole. As horse lovers, we scrutinize our horses’ nutrition, fitness, and recovery needs, while all too often forgetting to do the same for ourselves!

Our engaging clinician is Amber Toole Sanford, is an experienced personal trainer whose enthusiasm is accompanied by solid credentials and expertise in helping people live and feel the best they can. She works with clients including riders and non-riders of all capabilities and develops healthy living programs for each individual whether they are fully active, relatively immobile, recovering from injuries, or somewhere in-between.

Here’s what we’ll explore during our time together:

Staying fit during the off season. Learn how to develop an at-home training and nutritional program to fuel strength and feel better.

Interactive workout (don’t worry - you can go at your own pace and comfort!). Try out some great moves to help strenghten your body and improve the core and balance - two things riders rely on most! Amber will work with us to tailor the exercises as needed and ensure correct form is understood so each exercise’s benefit is obtained and to reduce risk of injury from lack of attention to form.

Addressing injuries, recovery, and rest. Learn how to manage through an injury, and do for yourself what you do for your horses!

Interactive recovery exercises. These techniques are new to many people and yield great results. Learn some self-myofascial release exercises along with stretching and yoga. Foam rollers will be available for use and also for purchase if you want to take one home with you.

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