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Potluck Recap and Equine Holistic Healing Methods and Practices Recap

Potluck Recap

On April 21st, approximately 75 people attended the Annual Potluck Dinner. Our theme this year was Western Hoedown and it was enthusiastically embraced by those in attendance.

Our members outdid themselves once again in the food department. The appetizers were yummy, the main meal and sides were delicious, and the desserts were irresistible. As usual, the raffle prizes were a great hit, and this year there was a western-themed photo booth if you wanted your picture taken.

Lastly, we had the opportunity to burn off some potluck calories learning how to square dance. We caught on quickly to the various steps and our caller, Dan Sorano, did a good job keeping us on track. It was a blast.

The following people received Dunkin Donuts gift card awards:

Regina Downey – Best Belt Buckle Ralph Marrone – Best Cowboy Impersonation Karen Gauthier – Best Overall Costume

Big thanks to everyone that volunteered to cook turkeys/hams, set up the Annex, and assisted with clean up afterwards.

If you didn’t make it to the potluck dinner, we hope that you can come next year!!!

Event Coordinators: L-R Judy Wright, Catherine Marrone, and Joan Carlson

Equine Holistic Healing Methods and Practices Recap

On May 5th, Riverbend Farm hosted a clinic with Dr. Regina Downey, DVM, on equine holistic healing methods and practices. Three local horses were used to present different treatment methodologies. It was quite educational to learn what the horse’s issues were, to watch the treatment, and then see the quick results from just one session. Dr. Downey also spoke about tick-borne disease and its treatment as well as the benefits of using herbs and essential oils for a variety of purposes. We thank Dr. Downey for the opportunity to learn about a holistic approach to equine care.

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