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We Need Volunteers!

Don’t have equestrian experience? There are plenty of “unskilled” jobs that need doing.

Michele Doucette, Volunteer Coordinator Pipestave Hill Horse Trials – WNRDC



From Michele:

I have a new phone, so if you call or text please identify yourselves because of course my contacts didn’t all survive that transfer.

Veteran Pipestave volunteers – Thank you for the steadfast assistance over the decades!

Don’t have equestrian experience? There are plenty of “unskilled” jobs that need doing. Please come, I’d love to have you. Let me know if you have any time restrictions, mobility restrictions, any particular skills or experiences so I can find the best possible task/human fit.

Mark your calendars for the following Pipestave dates.

Friday June 21 – Potluck Dinner

Saturday June 22 – Cleanup the XC Fences, at the Mill Pond lot from 9am to 12 noon.

July 6 – Show Setup day – 9:00 am at the rings; to set up dressage/stadium equipment, tents and tables, PA system, and signage.

All leading up to…

July 7 – Day of show!

Jobs to fill include: (***If there’s a particular job you’d like to do, let me know ASAP)

SCRIBES (2) or (3)

Dresage Ring One is 7:30 to end of show.

Dressage Ring 2 (if needed) is 7:30 start of Stadium (10:30ish).

Stadium Scribe is 10:30 to end of show.

STEWARDS (2) or (3)

Dressage Ring One - 7:00 to lunch

Dressage Ring One - lunch to end of show

Ring Two – 7:00 til Stadium

Ring Two – Stadium til end of day

Ring Two – Out Gate and Collect Pinnies during Stadium.


Dressage Only ride scorer (time TBD, later in the day)


Warm Up Steward – approx. 10:00 am to end of XC (2 or 3 hours)

Fence Judges – need at least one per fence, orientation approx. 9:30 AM, tile end of XC (****This is an unskilled job)


Assistant, an extra set of hands, 11:00 to end of show


Assistant to help hand out ribbons


Assistants to help set-up Jumps, fix Jumps between divisions, etc.


6:15 am to 10:00am

10:00AM to end lunch

I look forward to seeing you all!

Michele Doucette



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