On behalf of the Board of Directors and Club Members, we’d like to welcome you to the West Newbury Riding and Driving Club (WNRDC).

As a group of horse enthusiasts (whether riding, driving, aspiring to do so, and/or admiring horses from afar) the WNRDC has a rich mission: to preserve and improve riding opportunities in West Newbury, organize riding activities with members of the equine community and the general public, promote comradery and understanding with all users of the preserved open space areas, and enjoy relaxed horse-related friendships and social activities.  Furthermore, we are dedicated to the preservation and maintenance of open trails in the local communities for the purpose of passive recreation and the benefit of the environment. 

In addition to our annual events: Pipestave Horse Trial Series, Shot and Dental clinic, Adventure Trail fundraiser, member Pot Luck and BBQ Socials, and Mounted and Non-Mounted Clinics, we also make substantial donations to West Newbury service organizations (Police, Fire, Library, Emergency Management, etc.), and other local equine organizations such as NEER North, Windrush Therapeutic Riding, MSPCA Nevins Farm, among others. 

We look forward to getting to know you and always welcome your participation and/or assistance in any aspect of our club activities.  Please check our website as well as our Facebook page for upcoming events! 

Thank you again for joining the West Newbury Riding and Driving Club and we look forward to seeing you soon.


Michele Doucette

Membership Secretary



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