SPRING EQUINE SHOT CLINIC – Sign up by 3/21/22


It’s time again for the Spring Equine Shot Clinic organized by the WNRDC and provided by SRH Veterinary Services.

SIGN UP DEADLINE: Monday, March 21th.

Please understand that this clinic is for our W. Newbury and immediate-surrounds WNRDC members and is intended for backyard barns.

All owners of horses participating in the clinic must be current WNRDC members.  To check your membership status, become a member and/or renew your membership CLICK HERE.

The clinic will consist of up to 3 visits to your barn on the following dates (depending on the services you request).

Date Vet Service Cost
Wed, Mar 23 Dr. Lordan Strangles (nasal)*


Potomac Horse Fever




Wed, Apr 13 Dr. Lordan Rhino/Flu






Wed, May 4 Dr. Lordan West Nile Virus






*Strangles cannot be administered with any other shot or blood test.

Additional services that can be scheduled are listed below.

These will be added to one of the above visits and scheduled as time permits. You will be notified which day the services will be scheduled.


Service Cost
Teeth Floating $100 + sedation cost
Sheath Cleaning $63 + sedation cost
Fecal Check $37
Chem CBC Profile $142
Botulism $38
Lyme Test $132
Farm call fee (per barn, per visit) $5

Please sign up by Monday, March 21th.

mailto:[email protected] the following information:

  • Your name, phone number, email address
  • Your horse’s name
  • The barn name or address where your horse is stabled (include an address if we haven’t been to your barn before)
  • ALL services you would like for the entire clinic

Reminder to check the status of your WNRDC membership, become a member and/or renew if necessary prior to sending request to take part in the shot clinic.

Should you need technical assistance in renewing your membership, EMAIL Catherine Marrone.

If you participated in the 2021 clinic and need to be reminded what your horse received last year, send a note – before March 21th – and we can send you your last year’s services.


Please sign up for ALL THREE DATES AND ALL SERVICES THAT YOUR HORSES NEED at this time.  Due to time constraints, last minute sign ups may not be able to be accommodated.


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