The Jennifer Wilkins Chapin Foundation

The Jennifer Wilkins Chapin Foundation – “a fitting tribute they hope will give young riders with that same passion that burned in Jeffie a chance to succeed in a sport filled with significant financial barriers.      ([email protected])

The foundation seeks to cover those kinds of expenses, from travel accommodations for horses and their riders to boarding fees” — just a few examples Deacon outlined in an interview.

“Really what it is, is to take kids that have the potential and who are the right kind of kid, you know, hardworking, really love the animals and the horsemanship aspect of it, and put them on a path where they aren’t pinching pennies to try to improve their riding,” he said.

The foundation has a pending application to become a recognized nonprofit, which will allow donations to be tax-deductible once its approved by the IRS, according to a flyer Deacon provided to A website is still in the works, although there is an email address to reach organizers ([email protected]).

Within just a few weeks, the initiative garnered nearly $100,000 from between 250 and 300 donors, Deacon said.

“I feel that it’s definitely something that is going to turn into quite a great opportunity for kids because there’s nothing like this really in the whole country,” said Babette Lenna-Gonyea, Jeffie’s former coach and close friend.

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