WNRDC Annual Meeting Minutes November 9 2018

PRESENT: Allison Aamodt, Shipley Allinson, Donna Disario, Kathy Feehery, Carole Ganz, Catherine Marrone, plus 13 members

ABSENT: Anne Donelan, Deb Hamilton

CTO: 7:30, at Old Town Hall

WELCOME-Shipley: Introduction of board and officers.

OVERVIEW OF 2018-Shipley:

Mission: Shipley reviewed why club exists and we choose to belong.

30th Anniversary of Pipestave Hill facility: PH used by the club this year for the 2 Horse Trials, Adventure Trail and XC clinic.

Educational activities included: Regina Downey, holistic veterinary practice; Amber Toole, rider fitness workshop; Stephie Baer XC clinic.

Annual social events included the winter potluck and Yankee swap hosted by the Marrones at their Riverbend Farm, spring potluck at Town Hall, summer barbecue at the Wrights’ following Pipestave Hill cleanup day. Events conclude this year with the 2018 winter potluck, which will again be hosted by Catherine and Ralph Marrone.

The thirtieth annual Pipestave Hill Horse Trials were held in July and October, well attended–72 in October. We had prizes donated by Kathy, hats for volunteers, special anniversary ribbons, cash prizes in some divisions and programs in honor of the 30th, as well as five new XC jumps and two stadium jumps.

Adventure Trail was held in September with 45 participating riders all very happy. Many thanks go to Donna and Allison. This year saw interesting challenges in the ring including car wash, bobbing for apples. For the first time there was a guided trail led by Deb. We are calling for more volunteers next year.

Jump Adopters: Lucy Clewley with some board members rewrote guidelines for JA’s.

Anne and Allison redid our email system and trained the board in its use.

Off-Board Positions: Michelle Doucette membership secretary, Edie MacKinnon following Ellen as social secretary, Wendy Willis has taken charge of paper goods.


Yankee Swap: Dec 8 @ Riverbend Farm, hosted by Catherine and Ralph Marrone.

Memorial Day Parade: We hope to have good showing of riders and walkers, ordering club shirts.

Club Photo has not done for 10 years; we might schedule a photo after parade.

BUDGET: -Kathy presented the most recent budget. It was a normal year in terms of our finances. Horse Trials made $8608.45, Adventure Trail $1425. Total income $15,105 for year; expenses $10,137.23. We still have $1000 to go to ECTA and our annual donations to distribute.

MOTION: The WNRDC donate $2500 to organizations voted from ballot. Moved, seconded and approved unanimously.

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES 2019-Kathy: This past winter we hosted Training Toole rider fitness and Regina Downey, natural horse care. Suggestions for this year were solicited. Members suggested TREC clinic-orienteering, controlled paces, cross country type obstacles; polocrosse clinic; another vet talk; self defense; trailering safety; road safety; Ben Lard horsemanship clinic, Bill Andrulitis presentation on the Aachen CHIO International Horse show and perhaps others recounting their international horse experiences – Barb’s recent trip to Ireland for example.

ELECTIONS-Carole: Ballots were distributed to all members for board, officers, contributions. Barb Hill, board candidate, was introduced. Allison Aamodt, departing board member, was thanked for her service. Voting took place; results were counted. Barb Hill was elected to the board, returning members and officers were reelected, and all charities were funded. Amounts to each will be determined at a future board meeting.

PROPOSAL FOR EQUINE/AGRICULTURAL FAIR-Donna, Catherine: Should the club sponsor equine/agricultural fair? As per our mission, it would be an educational and social opportunity for members and local community, and would help make our presence known in the community. Possible date in September, mid-day Saturday. Demonstrations could include Myopia hounds, pony club games, western and eastern dressage, jumping even XC, breed parade, mounted police from Salisbury, massage, holistic treatment, Windrush therapeutic equitation, farrier, ECTA, pony rides. We could have food trucks or order pizza to sell. Truck, trailer dealers could be invited. We would hope to get to know and be known and have fun with community. Invite new members. We would need a dedicated organizing committee and many volunteer hours, soliciting participants, marketing, boots on the ground. Budget is likely in the range of $2000 expenses, with no real revenue stream. Scheduling could be problem. Saturdays in fall have sports activities at Pipestave. There were questions from floor about joining up with the WN bicentennial. The history of our efforts to do so were outlined, highlighting lack of support form town to be a real part of the festivity week, while having a large expense to us associated with it. We could do it other time during bicentennial year. There was some general support from members for the idea, but no actual volunteers. Could it be incorporated into adventure trail? Would that cause safety issues? How do we structure an activity where we are not just talking to ourselves, but to the non-horsey community as well? The board will continue the discussion and communicate to members via email on our progress and needs into the future.


Volunteer of the year was awarded to Ralph Marrone for his many hours of trail work, and help at various events. He received a $100 home depot gift card.

Lifetime volunteer was awarded to Joan Carlson for more than 10 years of volunteer and board service, an inscribed vase and roses. Shipley read a thank you note from Amy Bresky for her lifetime achievement award last year.


Respectfully submitted,

Carole Ganz, acting secretary

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