WNRDC BYLAWS, Annual Member Meeting & Board  Meetings

WNRDC Annual Meeting Minutes

WNRDC General Annual Meeting November 2, 2019

PRESENT: Shipley Allinson, Donna Disario, Anne Donelan, Kathy Feehery, Carole Ganz, Deb Hamilton, Catherine Marrone
ABSENT: Barb Hill
CTO: 7:34

WELCOME: Shipley Allinson: We are turning 100 years old as a club, founded in 1920 by group of horse enthusiasts. We should plan to do something to celebrate our centennial. It is important to remember what we are about—preserving and caring for Pipestave, trails, conservation efforts which serve the whole town. Educational opportunities are part of our
mission. We also raise funds to donate to local non-profits and town services. Social activity is the fourth element of our mission.



PHHT- Anne, Kathy: Hosted our 2 horse trials to raise money for club and provide good schooling experience for local riders, including: 3 phase, 2-phase, dressage only. The event takes many volunteers, for whom we are deeply grateful. Riders appreciate our efforts and flexibility to enhance learning for all riders. Attendance has been somewhat down; fewer riders.


Adventure Trail-Donna Disario: Allison is key to this. Total entries of 67 was a record, over $2,114.21 in entry fees. Marketing directly to barns helped boost our numbers, as did the beautiful route laid out by Deb and her posse. People came back smiling.


Calendar of events past and future-Deb Hamilton: Upcoming Yankee swap party December 7, March pot luck dinner, June barbecue day before PH cleanup day and lunch, Memorial Day parade.


Educational Opportunities past and future-Kathy Feehery: This year we had educational talk by members on international riding experiences, Dr. Betsey Lordan spoke about hoof emergencies and Catherine organized versatility clinic for 24 riders, which will repeat next year. Other suggestions include an equine art inspired evening, possible clinic with horse trainer and communicator Ben Lard, parade clinic.

BUDGET-Kathy: (Budget report incorporated by reference.)
Income $14.820.10 down from $15,142.01 last year due to slight drop in horse trial enties.

Expenses $12,091.19, up slightly from $11,812.50.

We can afford to keep our donation amount to prior levels, some increase to ECTA, as we have benefitted with Coffin Street bridge.  We also need to buy new mower.

MOTION: To keep our total donation amount at $2500 this year, unanimously approved.
MOTION: to purchase new mower, unanimously approved.

Carole: reported on changes for ballot vote.

Board and Donations-Deb: introduced ballot and nominees, donations.

GRATITUDE FOR VOLUNTEERS-Shipley: Thanks to all volunteers
Volunteer Raffles: Claudia Woods, spring; Amy Bresky, fall

Youth Scholarship:

Noah Clewly


Volunteer of the Year:

Jeff Clewly

Lifetime Achievement Award:

Kathy Feehery

Additional Honoring:

Sophiea Bitel for her tireless work as webmaster.


Additional Honoring: Shipley for her service as president.

CLOSING: Election results: President-Anne; Treasurer-Kathy; board-Donna and Mike, By-laws
approved; all donees awarded a share of the $2500 TBD.


Respectfully submitted,
Carole Ganz, Secretary

WNRDC Annual Meeting Minutes November 9 2018

PRESENT:  Allison Aamodt, Shipley Allinson, Donna Disario, Kathy Feehery, Carole Ganz, Catherine Marrone, plus 13 members

ABSENT: Anne Donelan, Deb Hamilton

CTO: 7:30, at Old Town Hall

WELCOME-Shipley: Introduction of board and officers.

OVERVIEW OF 2018-Shipley: 


Mission: Shipley reviewed why club exists and we choose to belong.


30th Anniversary of Pipestave Hill facility:  PH used by the club this year for the 2 Horse Trials, Adventure Trail and XC clinic.


Educational activities included: Regina Downey, holistic veterinary practice; Amber Toole, rider fitness workshop; Stephie Baer  XC clinic.


Annual social events included the winter potluck and Yankee swap hosted by the Marrones at their Riverbend Farm, spring potluck at Town Hall, summer barbecue at the Wrights’ following Pipestave Hill cleanup day. Events conclude this year with the 2018 winter potluck, which will again be hosted by Catherine and Ralph Marrone.


The thirtieth annual Pipestave Hill Horse Trials were held in July and October, well attended--72 in October. We had prizes donated by Kathy, hats for volunteers, special anniversary ribbons, cash prizes in some divisions and programs in honor of the 30th, as well as five new XC jumps and two stadium jumps.


Adventure Trail was held in September with 45 participating riders all very happy. Many thanks go to Donna and Allison. This year saw interesting challenges in the ring including car wash, bobbing for apples. For the first time there was a guided trail led by Deb. We are calling for more volunteers next year.


Jump Adopters:  Lucy Clewley with some board members rewrote guidelines for JA’s.


Anne and Allison redid our email system and trained the board in its use.


Off-Board Positions:  Michelle Doucette membership secretary, Edie MacKinnon following Ellen as social secretary, Wendy Willis has taken charge of paper goods.




Yankee Swap: Dec 8 @ Riverbend Farm, hosted by Catherine and Ralph Marrone.


Memorial Day Parade:  We hope to have good showing of riders and walkers, ordering club shirts.


Club Photo has not done for 10 years; we might schedule a photo after parade.


BUDGET: -Kathy presented the most recent budget. It was a normal year in terms of our finances. Horse Trials made  $8608.45, Adventure Trail $1425. Total income $15,105 for year; expenses $10,137.23. We still have $1000 to go to ECTA and our annual donations to distribute.


MOTION:  The WNRDC donate $2500 to organizations voted from ballot. Moved, seconded and approved unanimously.

EDUCATIONAL OPPORTUNITIES 2019-Kathy: This past winter we hosted Training Toole rider fitness and Regina Downey, natural horse care. Suggestions for this year were solicited. Members suggested TREC clinic-orienteering, controlled paces, cross country type obstacles; polocrosse clinic; another vet talk; self defense; trailering safety; road safety; Ben Lard horsemanship clinic, Bill Andrulitis presentation on the Aachen CHIO International Horse show and perhaps others recounting their international horse experiences - Barb’s recent trip to Ireland for example.


ELECTIONS-Carole:  Ballots were distributed to all members for board, officers, contributions. Barb Hill, board candidate, was introduced. Allison Aamodt, departing board member, was thanked for her service. Voting took place; results were counted. Barb Hill was elected to the board, returning members and officers were reelected, and all charities were funded. Amounts to each will be determined at a future board meeting.


PROPOSAL FOR EQUINE/AGRICULTURAL FAIR-Donna, Catherine: Should the club sponsor equine/agricultural fair? As per our mission, it would be an educational and social opportunity for members and local community, and would help make our presence known in the community. Possible date in September, mid-day Saturday. Demonstrations could include Myopia hounds, pony club games, western and eastern dressage, jumping even XC, breed parade, mounted police from Salisbury, massage, holistic treatment, Windrush therapeutic equitation, farrier, ECTA, pony rides. We could have food trucks or order pizza to sell. Truck, trailer dealers could be invited. We would hope to get to know and be known and have fun with community. Invite new members. We would need a dedicated organizing committee and many volunteer hours, soliciting participants, marketing, boots on the ground. Budget is likely in the range of $2000 expenses, with no real revenue stream. Scheduling could be problem. Saturdays in fall have sports activities at Pipestave. There were questions from floor about joining up with the WN bicentennial. The history of our efforts to do so were outlined, highlighting lack of support form town to be a real part of the festivity week, while having a large expense to us associated with it. We could do it other time during bicentennial year. There was some general support from members for the idea, but no actual volunteers. Could it be incorporated into adventure trail? Would that cause safety issues? How do we structure an activity where we are not just talking to ourselves, but to the non-horsey community as well? The board will continue the discussion and communicate to members via email on our progress and needs into the future.




Volunteer of the year was awarded to Ralph Marrone for his many hours of trail work, and help at various events. He received a $100 home depot gift card.


Lifetime volunteer was awarded to Joan Carlson for more than 10 years of volunteer and board service, an inscribed vase and roses. Shipley read a thank you note from Amy Bresky for her lifetime achievement award last year.




Respectfully submitted,

Carole Ganz, acting secretary


Annual Meeting November 11th, 2017

18 members in attendance

 at Feehery's

Discussion of Maudslay State Park Assn meeting tomorrow night at 7<x-apple-data-detectors://embedded-result/129>.

Election. Ballots distributed for officers, board, charitable contributions. Voting under new by-laws, voted to add an operations Liason/coordinator, to be incoming president! Leading to A simplified procedure. Moved to amend bylaws, after subcommittee cleaned up legal aspects. Voted and accepted unanimously.

Years activities recap from President Feehery

We held two wintertime Vet meetings on feeding and nutrition, body conditioning scoring of horses in Kathy's barn, and a Talk with sports psychologist, Dr Allen Goldberg.

Our annual Social events: potluck, summer barbeque, with our upcoming event --Yankee swap Dec 8 at The Marrones's Riverbend Farm on River Rd.

We completed 2 Pipestave Hill events, in July and October, the latter was less well attended than usual. Sending a survey to participants.

Also did a survey for Adventure Trail, some found Riverbend side to be technical. AT  proceeds to ECTA, always give $1000, income was $946. Hope to build a bridge out to Coffin St with the proceeds. Concern about proposed solar array on Beaucher property. Open Space map shows problems. Development company is tweaking, will work with Planning board on Nov 21.  We're not able to take a political position as a club, but can weigh in individually. Property is UAG price ???


Suggests looking at insurance figures. Is calculated based on number of events, extra for AT, other events.

We cut back on Pipestave expenses when we saw that we had fewer entries. Budget doesn't reflect website expenses.

Membership varies due to multi-year memberships. New board has strategies  to grow membership. Praise for website from new member Colleen Souza and Bill Andrulitus.

Moved $2500 for donations, including $500 to NEER for trailer storage.

Will get together to divvie up donations..

Discussed Adding a senior volunteer scholarship in addition to our youth volunteer scholarship. Open to members, toward education at clinics, travel.

Volunteer recognition.

Prizes for all volunteers: grocery bags..

Volunteer of the year: Michele Doucet, giving her $100 Newburyport gift cert.

$50 to Dover, Edie McKinnon, Kim Lyons

Lifetime achievement--Amy Bresky, frame, card.

Original club photos being passed to incoming president, Shipley Allinson.

Request for photos of officers and board for website..

Our club has a Threefold mission--maintain horse infrastructure and trails in town, education, winter activities .

Suggestions for topics: someone on fitness, injury recovery.  Body clipping.when? Timing important.. Vet talk-- new vet from SRH podiatry? Other topics? Bill--European travelogue? Western dressage/balanced riding? Natural horsemanship--Ben Lard.

Vet on Lyme disease and ticks. Have done that twice before. Vaccinations?

Worming? Personal trainer? Equine chiropractor and acupuncture? Wholistic medicine Regina Downey, now in Exeter.

Next year 30th year of Pipestave! Do something special, commemorative book?

There are many competing events. Should market our activities better to barns, new barns.

Need to monitor next year.

Pipestave needs for next year. Creating a program with advertising, promotion. Jump adopter program. Cut out paperwork, but some people missed program, brings in money. Need a coordinator..XC cleanup before first Pipestave. Need fall cleanup too, monthly maintenance by jump adopters, or notify club of needed repairs. Takes a lot of mowing. Adoption--Lucy Clewley in charge of fence adoption. Only town-owned schooling area, used by others as well.

Awarded outgoing president Kathy Feehery a tray and a horse photo gift certificate.  Shipley thanked her for all she has done, as President for the past 8 years. Shipley vowed to continue the fun, the joy, and appreciating the volunteers. She will do her best to follow in her footsteps.  Adjourned


Annual Meeting November 15th, 2016




The annual meeting was at the home of Ellen and Jack Alden.  After a social hour, business included a review of the 2016 budget with thank yous from the MSPCA and USEA Area 1 for sponsorship of a fundraising ride and the UNH XC improvements. Also new this year are PayPal and a redesigned website, including online membership renewal and entry forms.



Raffle winners

Ralph Williams and Ralph Marrone (a good year to be named Ralph)


Volunteer of the Year

Liz Russell for her years of active membership, MA Horse Liaison,  traffic management and ring stewarding at Pipestave Hill Horse Trials.


Lifetime Achievement Award

Cindy Foote in recognition of her years of contributing to our club and local equine community.  Her club participation includes opening her home to club social activities, mowing the hills of Pipestave, fence adoption, being a fence judge, and participation in all equine events as a volunteer and participant.  She is a former member of the BOD.


Members voted on our year end donations to the amount of $2500 to various local charities.


Elected were new members of the Board

Shipley Allinson

Carol Ganz

Allison  Aamodt

Peter Clark and Amy Bresky were elected for continuing terms and VP.

Other business included suggestions from Claude Maina and Susan Beliveau for easier cross-country course management (more details on this coming in a later e-mail).


A number of topics for informative talks this winter include

yoga for equestrians

Dr Cavatorta

Nutrena Representative, Jacqueline Gagnon on nutrition/obesity

Sports psychology

Natural horsemanship with Ben Lard

Barn emergencies lecture


In 2016, the Club was also able to refurbish Ring One, thanks to Scott Laffey who donated time, and a new event, a Derby Cross organized by Jane Cleveland to benefit the UNH XC improvement fund. Adventure Trail raised money for the trail fund donated to ECTA while the Pipestave events raised monies for Club function and our year-end donations. A big thank you to all our volunteers who make this possible.

Annual Meeting November 13th, 2015



Here is a synopsis of the annual meeting, courtesy of the minutes taken by Deb Hamilton, Club Secretary.
On Friday Nov 13, close to 30 WNRDC members of the WNRDC gathered at the Alden's for our annual meeting. We enjoyed a social hour with food provided by members of the BOD, getting a chance to meet people new to riding in town and catching up with others.


Results of the elections include re-election of Kathy Feehery, Claude Maina and Denise Atherton.

During the business portion of the meeting, the following was accomplished.  The club by laws were updated, changes can be found on the club website. Our treasurer, Heather Hull-Colby went over the highlights of our balanced budget with entries to our events (Pipestave Hill Horse Trials, Adventure Trail and Centered Riding Clinic), memberships, generous grant from the Dressage Foundations and donations (including one of $1000) from members providing an income of over $15,000. We will be increasing our year end donations to $2500, including a bigger donation to NEER North for storage of our stadium jump trailer.
In Recognition of Our Volunteers & Members


  Volunteer of the Year: 

Molly Lister,

"Dressage set up Queen," X-c Controller, and member of Team Pipestave


Lifetime Achievement Award:

Judy and Tony Wright

For being one of our original Board members and longtime Pipestave volunteers


Equestrian Achievement

Barbara Hurld

was recognized for her lifetime of riding and driving accomplishments.


Winner of the Summer Volunteer Raffle:

Karen Reardon

Winter Pot Luck Organizer


Winner of the Fall Volunteer Raffle:

Midge Drolet

Jump Judge, Jump Decorator

Also, discussed were activities for next year, including winter talks which may include a chance to move and explore Tai Chi, learn about equine dentistry,  veterinary topics such as feet and lameness, Lyme disease, learning about hay quality and fly control.  The popular Club Potluck will be held in March. Other events   suggested were another Centered Riding Clinic and Stadium Jump Schooling. The first needs member interest as a grant can be repeated to keep riding costs low while the second needs a volunteer to organize the event. 

The last items on the agenda included

discussion of the need for members to help maintain the cross country paths, mowing and weed whacking to keep our course accessible between the Horse Trials.

The committee of Peter Clark, Claude Maina and Sophiea Bitel are working on updating our website.

Next spring, we anticipate using funds from our savings, to upgrade and maintain the stone dust footing in Ring One. 

A vote was taken on the Mass Horse magazine benefit as the magazine moves to e-publishing.  Members voted and decided to no longer continue this benefit. 


The following charities were selected for our year end donations: ECTA (through funds raised by Adventure Trail),

Essex County Greenbelt,

Maudslay State Park,

Windrush Farm,

NEER North

The Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center. 

West Newbury Police and Fire Department

GAR Memorial Library.

Yearly donations have already been made to the EMA and the MSPCA.

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