WNRDC General Annual Meeting November 2, 2019

PRESENT: Shipley Allinson, Donna Disario, Anne Donelan, Kathy Feehery, Carole Ganz, Deb Hamilton, Catherine Marrone
ABSENT: Barb Hill
CTO: 7:34

WELCOME: Shipley Allinson: We are turning 100 years old as a club, founded in 1920 by group of horse enthusiasts. We should plan to do something to celebrate our centennial. It is important to remember what we are about—preserving and caring for Pipestave, trails, conservation efforts which serve the whole town. Educational opportunities are part of our
mission. We also raise funds to donate to local non-profits and town services. Social activity is the fourth element of our mission.


PHHT- Anne, Kathy: Hosted our 2 horse trials to raise money for club and provide good schooling experience for local riders, including: 3 phase, 2-phase, dressage only. The event takes many volunteers, for whom we are deeply grateful. Riders appreciate our efforts and flexibility to enhance learning for all riders. Attendance has been somewhat down; fewer riders.

Adventure Trail-Donna Disario: Allison is key to this. Total entries of 67 was a record, over $2,114.21 in entry fees. Marketing directly to barns helped boost our numbers, as did the beautiful route laid out by Deb and her posse. People came back smiling.

Calendar of events past and future-Deb Hamilton: Upcoming Yankee swap party December 7, March pot luck dinner, June barbecue day before PH cleanup day and lunch, Memorial Day parade.

Educational Opportunities past and future-Kathy Feehery: This year we had educational talk by members on international riding experiences, Dr. Betsey Lordan spoke about hoof emergencies and Catherine organized versatility clinic for 24 riders, which will repeat next year. Other suggestions include an equine art inspired evening, possible clinic with horse trainer and communicator Ben Lard, parade clinic.

BUDGET-Kathy: (Budget report incorporated by reference.)
Income $14.820.10 down from $15,142.01 last year due to slight drop in horse trial enties.

Expenses $12,091.19, up slightly from $11,812.50.

We can afford to keep our donation amount to prior levels, some increase to ECTA, as we have benefitted with Coffin Street bridge. We also need to buy new mower.

MOTION: To keep our total donation amount at $2500 this year, unanimously approved.
MOTION: to purchase new mower, unanimously approved.

Carole: reported on changes for ballot vote.

Board and Donations-Deb: introduced ballot and nominees, donations.

GRATITUDE FOR VOLUNTEERS-Shipley: Thanks to all volunteers

Volunteer Raffles:

  • Claudia Woods, spring; Amy Bresky, fall

Youth Scholarship:

  • Noah Clewly

Volunteer of the Year:

  • Jeff Clewly

Lifetime Achievement Award:

  • Kathy Feehery

Additional Honoring:

  • Sophiea Bitel for her tireless work as webmaster.

Additional Honoring:

  • Shipley for her service as president.

CLOSING: Election results: President-Anne; Treasurer-Kathy; board-Donna and Mike, By-laws
approved; all donees awarded a share of the $2500 TBD.

Respectfully submitted,
Carole Ganz, Secretary

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