About Jumper Series

This series of jumper shows runs from June through August at the Pipestave Hill Equestrian Area. The last show is the Championship.  

  • There are classes starting at ground poles through 3’3
  • Full class list and fees can be found on the entry form.
  • Join us for fun Tuesdays starting at 3PM as a competitor or spectator!


  • Riders must enter online and sign the online release form.
  • There are no restrictions as to age or status of riders.
  • Show management reserves the right to combine, cancel, reschedule or divide classes when deemed necessary.
  • All classes will be judged according to USEF Rules, unless otherwise noted.
  • NO SMOKING. This includes parking areas, ringside, and anywhere else on the show grounds.
  • Schooling permitted only in designated areas. 
  • A separate warm-up ring will be available.


  • Ribbons will  be awarded in each “A” class. 
  • “B” classes will not receive ribbons.


  • All riders must wear an ASTM approved helmet when mounted – NO EXCEPTIONS. 
  • Casual jumper attire: short or long-sleeved shirts (no tank tops and jodhpurs/breeches with appropriate boots or half-chaps.
  • Riders must wear their assigned number at all times when mounted.

Entries & Fees

  • Entries must be made via the online entry form.
  • There is a per class fee plus a non-refundable registration fee. Fees are listed on the entry form.
  • Online entries only are accepted.  This helps us do more with less effort!