PHHT Rules & Policies

  • Riders must sign a release form (online or paper).
  • DOGS MUST BE LEASHED in Ring area
  • NO DOGS ALLOWED on Cross Country course!
  • NO SMOKING. This includes parking areas, ringside, and anywhere else on the show grounds.
  • If you need to scratch for any reason, please contact our Event Secretary via email ([email protected].)
  • Entry costs and credit card processing fees are listed on the entry form.
  • Scratches 
    • Scratches received prior to the closing date will be refunded. 
    • Scratches received after the closing date but before 48 hours of the event will receive a credit for a future event. 
    • Scratches made within 48 hours of the event will receive neither refunds nor credits unless there is a wait list. Sorry, no exceptions. 
  • Weather cancellations will be posted on FaceBook and on the WNRDC calendar
  • $20 late fee if entry sent after closing date.  
  • Late entries after the closing date are at the Event Secretary’s discretion.  Please contact the Event Secretary via e-mail ([email protected]) for entry options after the closing date.
  • A $10 discount is given for people who have volunteered at a WNRDC event.  Please give a description of the volunteering work performed (date, event, number of hours volunteered) when completing your entry form. Save at any WNRDC event by volunteering at any activity! You do not have to be a member to qualify. Learn more about volunteering.

Cross Country Fall Rule

  • If, in the first fall of a competitor, he/she lands on their feet and remains standing, the rider must obtain the approval of the Technical Delegate to remount and if the approval is received, may continue on the course with a penalty of 65 points. 
  • This rule is similar to the USEA rule and PHHT has decided to add the approval of the TD for remounting for safety reasons at this level.


  • Properly fitting ASTM helmets with harnesses are required. 
  • Body protectors are mandatory during XC warmup and on course. It is recommended that the vest pass or surpass current ASTM standard F1937 or be certified by SEI.  Air vests are permitted only when worn over a body protecting vest.
  • Body protectors with or without an air vest are allowed to be worn in the stadium phase.
  • Identification armbands are required to be worn in all three phases and warmup. 

Horse Sharing Policy

Horses competing at Pre-Elementary, Elementary, or Advanced Elementary may be ridden by up to two Riders in a Horse Trial and/or Combined Tests.

For Beginner Novice or Modified Novice horses:

  • In July Horse Trials, a horse may only be entered once (Horse Trials OR Combined Test).
  • In October Horse Trials, a horse may be ridden by up to two riders.

Horses competing in Dressage Only may have up to two riders and a total of 4 tests.

Unauthorized Assistance

  • REMINDER TO ALL RIDERS – UNAUTHORIZED ASSISTANCE will result in disqualification.
  • Your friends/family/trainer cannot point the way on the course.
  • Your friends/family/trainer cannot talk to you in ANY of the three phases. 
  • Remind your family, friends and trainer before you ride NOT to talk to you when you are being judged. Don’t let them disqualify you! Unfortunately, YOU lose (elimination) if a family member or trainer breaks the rules!!
  • Only you can ride your horse in the warm-up.

Whips and Crops

  • Whips not exceeding 43″ (including lash) may be used in the dressage phase.
  • Crops may be used in the cross-country and stadium phases.


  • We follow USEA (United States Eventing Association) rules.
  • Link to USEA rules 

USEA Rules