Dunn Field

The Dunn Field Area, purchased by the Town of West Newbury in 2002 and adjacent to the Pipestave Hill Equestrian Area, consists of over 70 acres of active farmland and forest with wide trails through the field connecting to Pipestave athletic fields, a single-track trail through woods connecting to the Mill Pond Trail Network, and access to Chase Street with access to the Ocean Meadow easement.

  • You are allowed to ride around the perimeters of the baseball and soccer fields.
  • Trails are marked with colored diamond markers.
  • Wide and single-track trails of various natural terrains of hills, flats, and fields.
  • Terrain may be rocky, have muddy areas, and require the crossing of streams.
  • Please respect farming equipment and activities.
  • Please be aware that these are multi-use trails.