Pipestave Hill and Mill Pond

We are fortunate to have an equestrian area that is open to the public for all to enjoy. West Newbury’s Pipestave Hill and Mill Pond is a town-owned, multi-use public area.

It is the largest trail network in West Newbury consisting of 270 acres of marked and maintained multi-use trails (hiking, running, mountain biking, and dog walking), two equestrian riding rings (one sand footing, the other grass), an equestrian cross-country course with jumps of various levels of difficulty, a pond for swimming, non-motorized boating, and horse and dog wading, and public athletic fields.

If you would like to know more of how we came to have such a jewel in West Newbury, visit our History page.

  • You are allowed to ride around the perimeters of the baseball and soccer fields.
  • Trails are marked with colored diamond markers.
  • Wide and single-track trails of natural terrains of hills, flats, and fields.
  • Terrain may be rocky, have muddy areas, and require the crossing of streams.
  • Some trails have bridges.
  • Trails are cleared by WNRDC and ECTA volunteers ; some are centuries old, others newly cleared.
  • Please be aware that these are multi-use trails.

Riding Rings

  • The rings are for MOUNTED RIDING & HAND GRAZING ONLY to preserve the footing. Lunging is not allowed.  Rings may be periodically closed due to footing conditions.  
  • Do NOT leave horses to graze as the fences are not field quality.

Hay Fields

  • Stay on the designated track through the hay fields so as not to damage the crop or encounter a woodchuck or rabbit hole.

Mill Pond Area

  • Designated wading area for horses (and dogs) in Mill Pond in signed area only.
  • Please ONLY WALK near the pond and roads leading to and from the pond.
  • You may encounter people and dogs there that are not familiar with horses.

Cross Country Course

  • The XC course contains varying height non-frangible jumps on hills and flat.
  • XC jumping is very different from jumping in a ring. It is never advised to attempt XC jumping without training or alone.
  • The XC jumps are closed (tied off) in winter and spring for safety and footing preservation and open at the end of June when conditions allow.