Entry Fee Discounts For WNRDC Event Volunteers

Volunteer and you or a family member receive a $10 entry fee discount at any WNRDC run event

As of 2011, WNRDC will be offering volunteers the opportunity to take advantage of a $10 entry fee discount at any WNRDC run event, including the Pipestave Hill Horse Trials. In the past we have offered this discount for our smaller events, Stadium Practice and Adventure Trail. We are now extending this discount to the Horse Trials as well.

One full day of volunteering, or two half-days, at one of our major Club events will entitle you or any member of your household to a $10 entry fee discount at any future WNRDC event. For our Horse Trials riders, please note that there are many volunteer activities which still allow you to compete. Notable is the Course Clean-Up Day in late June, where many hands truly make light work of weed whacking, pruning, trimming, and painting. Each horse trials also has set-up activities on Saturday. Since you are coming to walk the cross country course anyway, why not arrive earlier and assist with setting up the dressage rings?

How Volunteering Works:

Volunteers can ask the event manager for a volunteer card at the conclusion of their volunteer service (same day), at one of the following events:

  • Stadium Practice
  • Pipestave Course Clean Up
  • July Horse Trials
  • Adventure Trail
  • October Horse Trials
  • Clean-up/mowing activity

The event manager or a volunteer coordinator will initial a card indicating the name of the volunteer, the date and event worked, and either a Half Day or a Full Day.

A single FULL DAY volunteer card is eligible for a $10 discount on entry fee to one WNRDC event (Stadium Practice, Pipestave Hill Horse Trials, or Adventure Trail or other organized event).

TWO, HALF DAY volunteer cards must be combined to be eligible for a $10 discount on entry fee to one of the above events.

You must enclose your volunteer card(s) with your entry form to receive the discount, maximum $10 per event.

Volunteer cards may be used within a household for an entry discount. For example, a parent/spouse can apply their volunteer service toward their child’s or spouse’s entry.

Volunteer cards are valid for 13 months following the date of service.

If you have any questions, please contact:

Michele Doucette, Volunteer Coordinator – 978-273-7813  [email protected]

We hope this program will further reward our awesome volunteers for their important service!

Volunteer and you or a family member receive a $10 entry fee discount at any WNRDC run Event