We are pleased to have about 120 members at this time who cover a wide spectrum of interests. Our members mostly join to enjoy the company of other like-minded people in a relaxed setting and to help support efforts to keep West Newbury horse-friendly. In addition, some join just as a thank you for our efforts at Pipestave and others for our open spaces, some no longer ride but want to stay up-to-date on our horse world, and some have moved away but stay connected to West Newbury through us. We appreciate all kinds of interest. We offer one year and five year memberships for individuals, households and businesses.

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The internet is our primary form of communication, both for financial reasons and to be as “green” as possible. We stay in touch with our members in several ways:

Club E-Mails: First, we send out e-mails directly to members to keep you informed on upcoming Club activities and other information. This is primarily for Club news only.

Website: Please browse around this website to find out lots more about the Club. We update it frequently so be sure to check it often.

Facebook: If Club members wish to communicate with each other and/or get word out about something for sale, a trail ride or any other member to member contacts, we have a Facebook page. (Sophiea Bitel, Facebook administrator.)

The West Newbury Riding and Driving Club will not accept members who have any history of animal abuse or neglect documented by the local Animal Inspector/Control Officer and/or the MSPCA.

To contact the Membership Secretary, Michele Doucette, you can call or email her at: