Pipestave Hill Horse Trials

​​Pipestave Hill Horse Trials Information

Key dates:

  • 2023 XC Course Closes the Monday prior to each Horse Trial
  • 2023 Pipestave Hill Horse Trials Entries Open:  June 5, 2023
  • 2023 Pipestave Hill Horse Trials Entries Close:  July 6, 2023
  • 2023 Pipestave Hill Horse Trials Times Posted:
  • 2023 Pipestave Hill Horse Trials Day of Event:

The Pipestave Horse Trials are low-level unrated combined training events with all three phases Dressage, Cross-country and Stadium Jumping all taking place in one day.

The Pipestave Hill Horse Trials are held in July and October every year. The Horse Trials are the WNRDC’s major fundraisers for the year. By participating in our Horse Trials you are helping to support one of the few cross country courses open to the public for free. Our beautiful venue is conveniently located to I-95 and I-495 in Northeastern Massachusetts and very convenient for competitors eastern MA, as well as NH and ME. The Pipestave Hill Equestrian Area is a little over an hour from Portland, ME and Concord, NH and under an hour from Nashua NH and Marlborough, MA.

As a non-profit organization, we are committed to keeping our exceptional facility active, continuing to improve the Pipestave Hill Equestrian Recreation Area, maintaining trails in town, and organizing other equestrian-oriented activities. We are both lucky and unique to have both riding rings and a small cross-country course on town-owned land. We also make substantial donations to local equine organizations New England Equine Rescue North (NEER North), Windrush Theraputic Riding, MSPCA Nevins Farm, etc. and West Newbury service organizations: Police, Fire, Library, Emergency Management, Open Space Committee, etc.

What Is The Purpose Of Eventing?

​The purpose of eventing is to test the skills and talents of horses and riders in three different disciplines. Our courses are inviting and friendly and are intended for riders and/or horses entering the world of eventing. We offer lots of fun competition from Pre-Elementary to Modified Novice levels (see all the details below). The Pipestave Hill Horse Trials (PHHT) series is organized and staffed entirely by volunteers.

We also offer:

  • Combined Tests (2 phases – Dressage & Stadium Jumping) from Pre-Elementary to Modified Novice
  • Dressage Only tests through Training Level & Eventing tests
  • Western Dressage Tests (WDAA tests only)


If you need to scratch for any reason, please contact our Event Secretary via email ([email protected].)

Diagrams and Maps

Each level will be divided by Junior and Senior, if entries warrant. Riders may enter more than one horse. Please see below for shared horse policy. A separate check for each horse and rider team is needed.

These events are qualifiers for The Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program and Area 1 Schooling Horse Trials Championships.

Club Logos

Explanation Of Our Divisions

NOTE: Only the first 4 divisions qualify for the Schooling Horse Trials Championships.

Pipestave Hill Horse Trials 3-Phase – Entry Fee: $110


  • Dressage: 2019 USDF Intro Test B (Walk-Trot)
  • Show Jumping: Crossrails
  • Cross Country: Small Logs and similar (18” or smaller)


  • Dressage: 2022 USEA Starter Test
  • Show Jumping: 2’ verticals (no oxers, no combinations)
  • Cross Country: Logs and similar (2’ or smaller)

Advanced Elementary

  • Dressage: 2022 USEA Starter Test
  • Show Jumping: 2’3” jumps (oxers allowed, one combination allowed)
  • Cross Country: 2’3” (obstacles like small coops, tables, ramps, brush boxes, etc.

Beginner Novice

  • Dressage: 2022 USEA Beginner Novice Test B
  • Show Jumping: 2’7” jumps (oxers and combinations expected)
  • Cross Country: 2’7”

Modified Novice (3 phase only)

  • Dressage: 2022 USEA Novice Test A
  • Show Jumping: 2’11” jumps (oxers and combinations expected)
  • Cross Country: 2’7”

Novice (2 phase only)

  • Dressage: 2022 USEA Novice Test A
  • Show Jumping: 2’11” jumps (oxers and combinations expected)

Combined Tests (Dressage and Stadium Jumping only) – Entry Fee: $80

  • Dressage and Stadium offered at every level above for those not wishing to go cross-country.
  • Show Jumping and Dressage specifications remain the same as for the 3-Phase Levels

Dressage Only and Western Dressage Only Tests – Entry Fee $30

Dressage Only

    • All USEA Beginner Novice & Novice Eventing Tests
    • All USDF Intro & Training Level Dressage Tests
    • All tests will be ridden in a 20m x 40m arena.

​Western Dressage Only

    • All WDAA tests (no USEF tests).
    • All tests will be ridden in a 20m x 40m arena.

For all Dressage Riders:

    • Be sure to identify the Test(s) you will be doing on the entry form.
    • Please bring 2 copies of your test of choice to the event – one for the judge to read, the other for the scribe to document the test.
    • Both copies will be returned if possible.

Schooling Only (Non-Compete) – Entry Fee: $30 (please inquire with show secretary)

This feature enables riders with green horses or instructors with inexperienced riders the opportunity to experience the competition environment without the added challenge of actually competing. An entry form must be submitted in advance (good practice in filling out the forms!) with a Coggins, and then the horse and rider will be permitted on the grounds during the Horse Trial. The Schooling Only option entitles a rider to use the warm-up areas to school on the flat or to practice a few warm-up jumps but riders may not enter any competition rings or courses. Schooling Only riders will need to check in with the Show Secretary and will receive a pinny to wear for identification.



Policies & Rules

Horse Sharing Policy

  • A horse competing at Pre-Elementary and/or Elementary may be ridden by a maximum of two Riders in a Horse Trials and/or Combined Tests.
  • July Horse Trials: Horses competing at Beginner Novice and above may only compete with one rider and are only to be entered once in the Horse Trials or Combined Test.
  • October Horse Trials: Horses competing at Beginner Novice and above may be ridden by a maximum of two riders in a Horse Trials and/or Combined Test.
  • Horses competing at Beginner Novice and above may also compete in Dressage Only with the same or a different rider, maximum of two riders.

​Discounts and Late Fees

  • $20 late fee if entry sent after closing date.  Late entries after Friday at the Event Secretary’s discretion.  Please contact please contact the Event Secretary by e-mail ([email protected]) for entry options after Friday.
  • $10 Discount for volunteers (with volunteer card)

Refund Policy

Scratches received prior to the closing date will be refunded. Credit for a future event will be given for scratches after the closing date. Neither refunds nor credits will be issued for scratches made within 48 hours of the event unless there is a wait list. Sorry, no exceptions. If the event has to be canceled because of weather and/or last minute weather-related footing conditions, there will be a 50% refund. Refunds made will be reduced by the $5 administrative fee.

Cross-Country Fall Rule

If in the first fall of competitor, he/she lands on their feet and remains standing, the rider must get the approval of the Technical Delegate to remount and if so, may continue with a penalty of 65 points. This is similar to the rule that the USEA has instituted and we have decided to add the approval of the TD for remounting for safety reasons at this level.


This means no one else can ride your horse in a warm-up, your friends/family/trainer cannot point the way or talk to you in ANY of the three phases. This is your day…show us what YOU can do! Remember to remind your family, friends and trainer before you ride NOT to talk to you when you are being judged. Don’t let them disqualify you! Unfortunately, YOU lose (elimination) if a family member or trainer breaks the rules!!

Volunteer Entry $10 Discount Cards

Save at any WNRDC event by volunteering at any activity! You do not have to be a member to qualify. Learn more about volunteering.

Drinking water is on site at all times for horses.