Local Event Calendar

CLICK HERE for our 2022 Local Event Calendar

The calendar is researched and created by WNRDC volunteers to provide a centralized place for many of the equestrian events, recognized and unrecognized, taking place in our area (AREA COVERED).

At the beginning of each year, an e-mail is sent to previous contributors for their event dates and a deadline is given for submission of events. We add updates for later entries on this page, rather than in the main calendar.

The WNRDC membership is multi-disciplined. We strive to provide educational clinics and discussions that span all interests and disciplines.

Submit Your Event Online

There are two ways to submit your events: Online or by Email (excel or word formats). Please note that 2022 submissions received after February 7, 2022 will be treated as a late addition.

ONLINE: fill out the form below. Any questions about submitting events please feel free to email. Please send any posters for posting on WNRDC Facebook to [email protected] in jpg format. Thank you.

WNRDC Equine Events Calendar
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EMAIL:  download one of the forms below and email to: [email protected]