WNRDC Scholarship

West Newbury Riding and Driving Club Volunteer Service Scholarship

Graduating high school seniors and those currently in a program of further education, who have volunteered for activities that benefit equine activities in West Newbury, are invited to apply for a $500 scholarship to be used toward any type of education. You do not have to be a member of the WNRDC to apply for the scholarship.

Example:  Boy Scouts who have improved equestrian trails

How to Apply

INSTRUCTIONS: Please submit the following information and a 200 word, typed essay by JULY 24, 2020. 


The application will ask you for the following information:

  • Name of applicant, date of birth and address.
  • High School attended and college/post high school program attending.
  • Where do you hope to continue your education?
  • What is your intended major or area of study?
  • Briefly describe your volunteer activities and approximately the number of hours contributed.
  • Briefly describe any additional responsibilities you have.  For example, a job or sport.

Sign and date the application. Have a parent or guardian sign the application. Please submit an essay of approximately 200 words describing what inspired you to volunteer for the benefit of equine activities in West Newbury and what you found most interesting and educational about your volunteer work. 

You can submit your application by mail or e-mail.  All submissions will be read by the Scholarship Committee anonymously.  The scholarship may only be won by the same person twice.

Submit applications by mail to:

WNRDC Scholarship Committee
c/o Kathy Feehery
540 Main Street
West Newbury, MA 01985

Questions?  Contact Kathy Feehery (508) 367-8155 or [email protected]

Past Scholarship Recipients

  • 2017 Recipient – Brooks Robinson
  • 2016 Recipient – Coltin Omasta
  • 2015 Recipient – Katy Maina W. Newbury, MA
  • 2014 Recipient – Phoebe Clewley  W. Newbury, MA
  • 2013 Recipient – Paige Beliveau  W. Newbury, MA
  • 2012 Recipient – Katie Shernan  W. Newbury, MA
  • 2011 Recipient – Brooks Robinson  W. Newbury, MA
  • 2010 Recipient – Katie Shernan  W. Newbury, MA