Pipestave Hill and Mill Pond

Pipestave Hill and Mill Pond Trails Map and Horse Sense Rules

There are multiple parking areas. Please read all descriptions as not all parking lots accommodate all trailers.

All trails can be reached from the main/central parking area. In Case of Emergency call 911: Location West Newbury, MA – Pipestave Hill be sure to be descriptive of the area you are in.

Map of Pipestave Hill and Mill Pond

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Equestrian Recreation

  • Be aware that dogs may be off-leash throughout the area.
  • Some riders bring their dogs along while riding on the trails.
  • No horses or dogs are allowed on athletic fields.


  • Trails are cleared by volunteers, some are centuries old others newly cleared.
  • Trails are marked with colored diamond markers (blue, red, green, orange, yellow as marked on maps).
  • Various natural terrains of hills, flats, fields – These are not over groomed, graded bridle paths.
  • Terrain can be at times rocky with the crossing of streams and muddy areas.
  • Horse wading area at pond.
  • Some trails have bridges use your judgement as to ride, lead or retreat.

Mill Pond Area

  • Horses are permitted to wade at an area set aside for horses and dogs to do so.
  • Please WALK only near the pond and roadways leading to and from the pond; This area is too congested for any other gait.
  • There are many families with young children and dogs there that are not familiar with horses.
  • Horses are no longer allowed to wade near the dock area.
  • There is a separate area beyond the telephone poles.

Cross Country Fields

  • Non frangible jumps.
  • Various heights on hills and flat.
  • Cross Country jumping is very different from jumping in a ring with sand footing.
  • It is never advised to attempt without training or alone.

Enclosed Practice Rings

  • NO Lunging.
  • NO leaving of horses to graze as the fences are not of field quality.


Park at top of Pipestave Hill, at Mill Pond lower field, or at Mill Pond.

Pipestave Equestrian Area Main Parking Lot (Get Directions)

  • At the end of the lot an area is reserved for Horse trailers.
  • Please clean up any manure, hay or shavings.
  • The lot is also used for the athletic fields so can be hectic if an event is going on.
  • We have a page for Athletic Field Events Calendar.
  • Most activity is after school hours during the school year.

Mill Pond Parking Lot (lower field)

  • Is not advised for large trailers due to the narrow road in and out.
  • The area is heavily utilized by dog walkers for parking. The area becomes very congested.

Mill Pond Parking (right at the Pond and Meeting House)

  • Is an area you want to check out before bringing a trailer down.
  • It can become very congested and the roads are rough and gutted.
  • There is limited turn around space if you can make the steep hill.

Dogs are permitted to be off leash throughout the area

Shared Activities of Area:

  • Hiking
  • Running
  • Horseback riding
  • Fishing
  • Canoeing
  • Kayaking
  • Organized Interscholastic Athletic Activities (soccer, lacrosse, baseball, cross country running, etc. during school year )


  • Open dawn to dusk
  • Leashed dogs in parking areas, on roads, around Mill Pond. Voice Control in woods and fields. West Newbury has a leash law. Please review Town Animal By-law, VI. for more information.
  • No horses or dogs are allowed on athletic fields.
  • Designated wading area for horses and dogs at Mill Pond in signed area only.
  • Fishing from dock only and non-motorized boats allowed.
  • Designated parking for horse trailers at parking lot on Pipestave Hill, next to horse ring.
  • Park at top of Pipestave Hill, at Mill Pond lower field, or at Mill Pond.


Town of West Newbury/Mill Pond Committee