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WNRDC Member Kaitlyne Wadman

WNRDC Member Kaitlyne Wadman to be first official Mustang Trainer in New England working with the Mustang Heritage’s TIP program August 18, 2016 If you have always wanted a a mustang but didn’t know where to find one all you need to do now is go to Haverhill and speak with Kaitlyne Wadman. She will...
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Allie Jones and Jilco Receive Recognition In Eventing Nation’s Blogger’s Row

October 19, 2015 Riding takes courage. You may not want to recognize that because it makes you think of everything that can and does go wrong when you ride. When there is a serious accident, it takes a great deal of courage and personal strength to ride again, and some of us can never ride...
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A Lifetime with Horses: Barbara Hurld

At the WNRDC 2015 Annual Meeting club member Barbara Hurld was recognized for her lifetime of riding and driving accomplishments. Many current members do not know who she is. Barbara was one of the founding members of the West Newbury Riding and Driving Club V2 and whose parents were members of the Club back in...
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