COVID-19 Update on Pipestave

The Pipestave and Mill Pond Parking lots remain closed to all traffic.  The areas themselves do remain open but there is no trailering in.  Being a shared area with bikers, trail walkers dog walkers and others the local health board will proceed with caution on opening the area parking lots.  On a positive note the area has been exceptionally wet all winter and to date so the rest period may have benefited it immensely.

Our July event is still under consideration; more information will be forthcoming as WNRDC reviews local, state, federal, and USEF requirements.

Most current news can be found on our Facebook page.

​If you are having any difficulties please do not hesitate to contact the WNRDC Board via email:  [email protected].

The NEER North equine rescue is also able to give assistance. If you are in New England and are struggling to feed your horse due to the current crisis, you can apply for assistance at

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