Annual Meeting November 11th, 2017

18 members in attendance at Feehery’s

Discussion of Maudslay State Park Assn meeting tomorrow night at 7<x-apple-data-detectors://embedded-result/129>.

Election. Ballots distributed for officers, board, charitable contributions. Voting under new by-laws, voted to add an operations Liason/coordinator, to be incoming president! Leading to A simplified procedure. Moved to amend bylaws, after subcommittee cleaned up legal aspects. Voted and accepted unanimously.

Years activities recap from President Feehery

We held two wintertime Vet meetings on feeding and nutrition, body conditioning scoring of horses in Kathy’s barn, and a Talk with sports psychologist, Dr Allen Goldberg.

Our annual Social events: potluck, summer barbeque, with our upcoming event –Yankee swap Dec 8 at The Marrones’s Riverbend Farm on River Rd.

We completed 2 Pipestave Hill events, in July and October, the latter was less well attended than usual. Sending a survey to participants.

Also did a survey for Adventure Trail, some found Riverbend side to be technical. AT proceeds to ECTA, always give $1000, income was $946. Hope to build a bridge out to Coffin St with the proceeds. Concern about proposed solar array on Beaucher property. Open Space map shows problems. Development company is tweaking, will work with Planning board on Nov 21. We’re not able to take a political position as a club, but can weigh in individually. Property is UAG price ???


Suggests looking at insurance figures. Is calculated based on number of events, extra for AT, other events.

We cut back on Pipestave expenses when we saw that we had fewer entries. Budget doesn’t reflect website expenses.

Membership varies due to multi-year memberships. New board has strategies to grow membership. Praise for website from new member Colleen Souza and Bill Andrulitus.

Moved $2500 for donations, including $500 to NEER for trailer storage.

Will get together to divvie up donations..

Discussed Adding a senior volunteer scholarship in addition to our youth volunteer scholarship. Open to members, toward education at clinics, travel.

Volunteer recognition.

Prizes for all volunteers: grocery bags..

Volunteer of the year: Michele Doucet, giving her $100 Newburyport gift cert.

$50 to Dover, Edie McKinnon, Kim Lyons

Lifetime achievement–Amy Bresky, frame, card.

Original club photos being passed to incoming president, Shipley Allinson.

Request for photos of officers and board for website..

Our club has a Threefold mission–maintain horse infrastructure and trails in town, education, winter activities .

Suggestions for topics: someone on fitness, injury recovery. Body clipping.when? Timing important.. Vet talk– new vet from SRH podiatry? Other topics? Bill–European travelogue? Western dressage/balanced riding? Natural horsemanship–Ben Lard.

Vet on Lyme disease and ticks. Have done that twice before. Vaccinations?

Worming? Personal trainer? Equine chiropractor and acupuncture? Wholistic medicine Regina Downey, now in Exeter.

Next year 30th year of Pipestave! Do something special, commemorative book?

There are many competing events. Should market our activities better to barns, new barns.

Need to monitor next year.

Pipestave needs for next year. Creating a program with advertising, promotion. Jump adopter program. Cut out paperwork, but some people missed program, brings in money. Need a coordinator..XC cleanup before first Pipestave. Need fall cleanup too, monthly maintenance by jump adopters, or notify club of needed repairs. Takes a lot of mowing. Adoption–Lucy Clewley in charge of fence adoption. Only town-owned schooling area, used by others as well.

Awarded outgoing president Kathy Feehery a tray and a horse photo gift certificate. Shipley thanked her for all she has done, as President for the past 8 years. Shipley vowed to continue the fun, the joy, and appreciating the volunteers. She will do her best to follow in her footsteps. Adjourned

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